What Your Bite Says About the Orthodontic Treatment You Need

Often when people hear about orthodontic treatment, they first think of straight smiles. Of course, the aesthetic of your grin is essential. But orthodontic treatment can also be very important for your oral health. When orthodontists straighten your teeth, we can also improve your bite. Orthodontists call a misaligned bite “malocclusion,” and we have different […]

The Burrow & Welchel Difference: How We Built an Unrivaled, Patient-First Orthodontic Practice

In our orthodontic practice, we want to help patients feel comfortable with treatment and achieve the smile of their dreams. Our process is what we like to call the “Burrow & Welchel Difference.” We built our patient-first orthodontic practice focusing on what makes us different. Most notably we have three board-certified orthodontists, we treat our […]