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Dr. Jack Burrow

About Dr. Jack Burrow

Samuel “Jack” Burrow, III, DDS, MS, is a board-certified orthodontist that has been in private practice for over four decades. In addition to providing superior orthodontic care to his patients, Dr. Burrow serves as an adjunct professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. Dr. Burrow enjoys speaking to audiences around the world about his research findings and advances in orthodontic treatments. He and his wife are the proud parents of four amazing children.


Dr. Jack Burrow earned his doctor of dental surgery degree at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He then completed both his master’s of science in orthodontics and orthodontic residency at the University of Kentucky. He also holds a degree in engineering from North Carolina State University, where he graduated with honors.


Dr. Burrow is a member of multiple professional organizations, including the American Association of Orthodontists, the Southern Society of Orthodontists, the North Carolina Dental Society, and the Charlotte Dental Society. He is also an active member of the Angle Society, an invitation-only international group of orthodontists in both private and academic practice. Members of this organization are required to regularly publish and review new research in their field. Dr. Burrow has been published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, and serves on their editorial review board.

Dr. Sam Burrow

About Dr. Sam Burrow

Dr. Sam Burrow is a speaker, teacher, author and award-winning, board-certified orthodontic specialist. Since co-founding Burrow and Welchel Orthodontics in 2013, he has personally transformed thousands of patients’ smiles in the greater Charlotte area. Dr. Burrow has been invited to speak at a number of schools around the country including: The Medical University of South Carolina, The University of North Carolina, and Harvard University, where he lectures orthodontic residents-in-training on the mechanics of new age Orthodontics. He desired to go into orthodontics alongside his father, and chose to complete his orthodontic residency at University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan. While at UDM, he worked with the latest technology and orthodontic systems offered, and presented research to the American Association of Orthodontics on incorporating overall facial aesthetics into orthodontic practice, through the use of scanning technologies.

Dr. Burrow co-authored The Orthodontic Answer Book: A Guide to the Most Common Patient Questions. He also releases two monthly publications: a newsletter, delivered to over 3000 patients of Burrow and Welchel Orthodontics; and a “case of the month,” delivered to over 300 dental professionals in the greater Charlotte and Rock Hill area. Dr. Burrow is committed to staying on the forefront of orthodontic technology. He has been asked by numerous vendors to test certain appliances and apply feedback on new technologies. Burrow and Welchel is the only orthodontic practice in the state that has been certified and made available a new aligner company that is specialized to orthodontist.

Every year he has been in practice, Dr. Burrow has been named “Best Dentist of Charlotte” by his peers. He is committed to the perfection of his craft, the standard of work he provides, and quality of his patient experience.


Dr. Burrow was born in Charlotte and graduated from Charlotte Country Day, before moving to Charleston to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the College of Charleston. He graduated magna cum laude and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. He then stayed to earn a D.M.D. with honors at the Medical University of South Carolina. Despite his love of the South, he desired to go into orthodontics alongside his father, and chose to complete his orthodontic residency at University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan.


Dr. Burrow is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. While completing his residency at the University of Detroit Mercy, he presented the American Association of Orthodontics with his research on the use of scanning technologies to incorporate overall facial aesthetics into orthodontic practice.

Dr. Britney Welchel

About Dr. Britney Welchel

Considered a national leader in the field of orthodontics, Dr. Britney Welchel is more than just a craftsman of beautiful smiles. She is a published author, international award-winning researcher, dedicated speaker, and above all, a proud wife and mother. Providing exceptional service and clinical expertise to her patients is of the utmost importance.

Dr. Welchel began her dental journey after a sports accident in high school left her with two avulsed teeth. A teenager fresh out of braces, she fell in love with orthodontia after being exposed to the intricacies of the profession. Following years of education, collaboration and continued learning, Dr. Welchel is at the forefront of orthodontic technology and techniques.


Dr. Welchel is a proud alumnus of Furman University. She graduated number one in her dental school class at the Medical University of South Carolina, then went on to complete a three-year residency in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, where she was awarded the best treated case in her class. Dr. Welchel continues to teach orthodontic residents at Baylor. As a board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Welchel has achieved a status that only one in three orthodontists nationwide have accomplished. She and her team at Burrow and Welchel Orthodontics have been voted “Best in Charlotte” for years on account of their dedication to orthodontic excellence.


The Milo Hellman, an honor given to only one orthodontist annually by the American Association of Orthodontists, was awarded to Dr. Welchel for her innovative research on corticotomies, which provided new and significant material of value to the art and science of orthodontics. The corticotomy procedure is a means of accelerating orthodontic tooth movement; Dr. Welchel specifically studied bone grafting used during the technique and presented her research at the American Association of Orthodontists annual session.

Dr. Welchel was recently presented with the “Making a Difference” accolade by her orthodontic piers, on account of her dedication and commitment to orthodontic excellence, devotion to clinical care, research, and scholarship, thus setting high standards for others to live up to. To Dr. Welchel, this is the utmost honor as it demonstrates her continued passion to better her patients, her community, and her profession.

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About Burrow & Welchel Orthodontics

Burrow & Welchel Orthodontics consistently provides patients with an exceptional orthodontic experience and outstanding results. The doctors and staff are committed to excellence, treating each patient as they would a member of their own family. They offer a variety of orthodontic treatments for children, teens, and adults, including Incognito braces and Invisalign.

Burrow & Welchel Orthodontics combines the best aspects of both small and large practices, giving patients the personalized attention they deserve while still offering the latest in advanced treatment options. They are the only orthodontist office in the area with three board-certified orthodontists working together under one roof. Each patient’s case is looked at by not one but all three doctors over the course of their treatment. This ensures the highest quality outcomes possible.

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