As far as I know, everybody wants a beautiful smile. Why, then, do some people avoid the orthodontic treatment that could give them the smile of their dreams?

Money. Most of the time, this is the answer. The truth is, braces and other types of orthodontic treatment are not cheap. Treatment with Invisalign or traditional metal braces costs an average of $5,000, plus or minus a few thousand depending on the patient’s needs.

But we have never wanted orthodontic treatment to be out of reach for the people who want it. That’s why we have several payment options available at our practice locations in and around Charlotte. We work with people to make sure they can find a solution to fit their budget, so they can get the care they want and need.

Using Insurance

We are in-network with several insurance companies, meaning we can save families who have the right kind of insurance a lot of money off the cost of treatment. Note that many dental insurance plans don’t cover orthodontic treatment of any kind, while others require a waiting period. Check your insurance plan to see what’s covered. Our treatment coordinators will also check before beginning treatment.

Paying Over Time with 0% Interest

While insurance is a great option if you have it, many people don’t have it and must pay the cost of their orthodontic treatment out of their own pocket. For these self-pay patients, we offer 0% financing, handled in-house, over the course of treatment. Our self-pay patients typically make payments throughout the course of treatment. The amount of each payment varies depending on the down payment, but for many patients it’s less than a cell phone bill.

Discount Up Front

Another payment option we offer to self-pay patients is a discount for paying in full on the day the orthodontic treatment begins, that is, the day braces are put on.

Making It Work

You can see from the options above that we’re serious about wanting to help our patients get the orthodontic treatment they need in a way that’s affordable for them and fits their family budget. Some other orthodontic practices offer financing with a low interest rate, which is great, but we think that 0% interest is even better. (So do our patients!)

We also make sure that there are no hidden fees or annoying extras that sneak onto your bill. The cost of treatment you will pay includes fees for treatment, office visits during treatment, and check-up appointments at three and six months after the braces come off.

For patients who have any questions during or before beginning treatment, our treatment coordinators are here to help. They help our patients make sense of the finances and payment options available.

What’s Your Smile Worth to You?

When faced with the cost of orthodontic treatment, it’s understandable that some people hesitate. But we tell our patients to think not of the price they’re paying but of the value they’re getting. Having a beautiful, healthy smile, one that makes you feel good about yourself and gives you the confidence to smile at the world, is truly something you can’t put a dollar amount on. If you’ve been considering braces but have hesitated getting them because of the money, we encourage you to come visit us and see what your options are.