Summer is here! Who is excited for warm weather, long days, and all of the fun this season has to offer? We are! We are also excited to indulge in all of the tasty summer foods that are now available. Did you know there are certain foods that are better for your oral health? In our last blog post, we talked about some foods you should avoid while you are wearing braces. In this post, we want to share our favorite summer foods that are great for your teeth and overall oral health! We also share some tips to help you enjoy tasty summer treats while still protecting your braces.

Cheese: Did you know that dairy is important for your oral health? The calcium and protein can strengthen tooth enamel. On your next summer picnic, consider bringing some cheese and whole wheat crackers. You can make your picnic feel a little fancier and boost your oral health while you are at it!

Leafy greens: Full of vitamins and minerals, these veggies—like broccoli, lettuce, spinach, or kale—are great for any healthy diet! They are good for your oral health because they are high in calcium, which, like cheese, can strengthen your enamel. Enjoy some delicious summer salads—fresh, healthy, and good for your teeth!

Apples & carrots: We are lumping these two together because both healthy snacks are full of fiber. They are also crunchy, so when you eat them your mouth produces more saliva and decreases your risk for cavities. Apples and carrots are two snacks that are great for your oral health! But if you remember from our last blog post, we recommend cutting these foods into small pieces before eating to prevent damage to your braces.

Lean meats: For many families, summer means family barbecues! Grill up some lean meats that are rich in phosphorous, an important mineral that can protect your teeth and boost your oral health. If you have braces, make sure to cut your meat into bite-size pieces—especially if it is a little tough.

Smoothies: These sweet, cold treats can be especially tasty after an orthodontist appointment if your teeth are feeling a little bit sensitive. However, smoothies can be very sugary and too much sugar is obviously not good for your teeth. Make sure you are using whole fruit, maybe some calcium-rich milk or yogurt, and perhaps some spinach. Yum!

Water: Alright, maybe water isn’t exactly a food, but we wanted to include it because staying hydrated is important for your oral health, and it’s especially important during the summer! Stay away from sugary drinks like juice, soda, sports drinks, or energy drinks. If you need a little flavor, try infused water that is low in sugar and calories. Additionally, used crushed ice instead of cubes. And don’t chew it! That’s not good for your teeth, with or without braces.

This summer, improve your oral health with these delicious foods! We hope these tips can help. If you have more questions about your oral health, especially with braces, we’d love to chat! Visit our website today.