If the eyes are the windows to our soul is a smile the front door? A beautiful smile is like curb appeal, then: it is welcoming and inviting to all who pass by.

Beautiful smiles inspire poetry, but they also inspire science. Research has found that people with beautiful smiles are perceived as possessing a long series of positive attributes – they are more memorable, trustworthy, intelligent, employable, wealthy, successful and more. No wonder studies show that perfecting the smile can enhance self-esteem and improve a person’s social life.

People who seek orthodontic treatment report they feel younger afterward, all because they have straighter, whiter smiles.

And it’s not just aesthetic. There are practical advantages to a perfect smile. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, leading to better overall oral hygiene – healthier gums, better breath, and fewer infections. Because our bodies are a series of interconnected parts, better oral hygiene means better overall health. Healthy gums have been linked to lower risk of heart disease and other acute and chronic conditions.

In short, orthodontic care makes you look better, feel better and actually be better. You can see why we feel in our practice that we are doing much more than aligning teeth or even perfecting smiles.

We are truly changing people’s lives.

Have you considered orthodontic treatment but balked because of the time, commitment, or cost? We would like to suggest that you are thinking about it wrong.

Orthodontics isn’t a cost; it’s an investment – an investment in you.

If someone told you they could increase your job prospects and your self-esteem, strengthen your heart and improve your social life, how much would that be worth? It could pay for itself in the better job alone.

If you’re not willing to invest in a happier life, what is your money for?

Attaining a perfect smile is not just about finding the closest, or least expensive orthodontist. In our book, The Orthodontic Answer Book, we outline the major considerations for choosing a provider. Here are four things you should look for:

  1. An orthodontist, not just a dentist. Orthodontists are dentists who return to school for added training specifically in the complex biology involved in manipulating teeth.
  2. Board certification. These demonstrate that an orthodontist is increasing their skills and remaining current on the latest advances.
  3. Great communications skills. If you take a liking to your orthodontist immediately, trust your instincts and find another. Great orthodontists educate their patients with honesty and compassion, but without a lot of jargon.
  4. Friendly, trained staff. The staff at a doctors’ office is a reflection of the doctors around whom the practice revolves. When you see staff that is well-trained and patient-focused, it means the doctors care about great customer service.

A great orthodontist can give you a perfect smile. And that itself is something to smile about.